About Makeup For Beginners

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I'm Natalie Setareh,

A makeup artist turned educator, and the driving force behind Makeup for Beginners.

My passion lies in empowering you to embrace makeup on your terms – a journey free from judgment and filled with authentic self-expression.

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 No pro-buy beauty culture here – just a 'less is more' approach that celebrates individuality.

Remaining brand agnostic, Trust is earned, not for sale. Period.

Challenging the pro-buy beauty culture with a less is more approach.

Makeup shines when used strategically, not as much so as liberally. 

Using inclusive and affirming language across all Makeup For Beginners content and learning platforms.

Makeup is for everyone.

The MFB mission Statement

to teach the art of makeup authentically and strategically, enhancing your natural features.

Empowering you to discover your makeup style and unique preferences.

Because there's no one size fits all when it comes to makeup.

This Is Done Intentionally By: 

Jenna M.

I love that your specialty is bring out your client's natural beauty. Making someone look lovely without looking like "Oh, it's just a lot of makeup"

Jaime Chapman

Natalie is an incredible human being with genius intellect and an insane amount of creativity. Her makeup services are off the charts and her personality is even more beautiful than her artistry. She is tier one. I can't recommend her enough.

At Makeup for Beginners, we believe in the beauty of simplicity.